Childhood Education International, a nonprofit dedicated to promoting the optimal education and development of children, is proud to be offering this publication that focuses specifically on the experience of childhood around the world. Childhood Explorer is an online vehicle for sharing informative and inspirational stories about childhood and about projects and campaigns that provide quality education, care, and support to children and youth in diverse communities and circumstances.

We invite you to submit short, 1- to 3-page, articles for consideration. We are seeking narrative, conversational articles that stay focused on a personal story of childhood, while connected to a global issue concerning childhood and children’s education.

Topics of interest are:

  • Daily life of a child in a particular geographic location/culture/socioeconomic situation/life circumstance

  • NGO initiatives to support children’s well-being and education

  • Programs/approaches and how they work through real-life application

  • Global trends in education

  • Global trends affecting childhood

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