Photography Credits for Summer 2017:
Summer 2017 cover photo:  Utopia_88/
One Library At A Time in Honduras—top: connel/; middle: Lisa Strachan/; bottom: Nirat.pix/
Immigrant Children’s Friendships: Born in Poland, Growing Up in Wales—top: dotshock/; other photos courtesy of author
Exploring the Barrel Children Cycle: Parent-Child Separation Due to Migration—top: Nevada31/; middle: J. McPhail/; bottom: Nevada31/
Sumitra Tharu: On Being a Girl and Realizing the Value of Education—top: rweisswald/; middle: Utopia_88/; bottom: Lewis Tse Pui Lung/
Street Kids: A Different Face of Childhood in Zimbabwe—CECIL BO DZWOWA/
Rethinking Stereotypes About Asian American Students Through Learning History—top: Dragon Images/; others courtesy of author

Photography Credits for Spring 2017:
Spring 2017 cover photo: Andrew V Marcus/
Parental Incarceration: The Role of the School: photos courtesy of author
Sabita and Sima (A Story From Nepal)—top: Oleskaus/; bottom: Anatol Tyshkevich/
The Effects of War and Violence on Children—top: ART production/; middle: Trakan/; bottom: Somjin Klong-ugkara/
Time to Celebrate Childhood—top: DoublePHOTO studio/; bottom: courtesy of author
Inclusive Education in Palestine, a Journey for Everyone—top: courtesy United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East; middle: courtesy of Basma center in Jerusalem (; bottom: courtesy of author
Race in the Life of an Indo-Trinidadian Child: Debunking the Myth of “Racial Innocence”: Salim October/
“It Takes a Village”: Promoting Social and Educational Participation in Rural El Salvador: photos courtesty of author

Photography Credits for Winter 2017:
Winter 2017 cover photo: huseyin ozdemir1/
A Girl I Hope to Never See: Life for a Syrian Refugee—top: thomas koch/; bottom: Orlok/; other photos: courtesy of author
The Experience of Being a Child in Unga Limited Ward, Arusha, Tanzania—top: Dietmar Temps/; middle: Anca Dumitrache/
A Day in the Life of a Girl in Chennai, India—top: CatherineL-Prod/; middle: Ajay PTP/; bottom: Dana Ward/
Third Culture Kids / Cross Culture Kids—top: wavebreakmedia/
Blog: Fostering a Self-Identity and Agency in African American Boys—top: Monkey Business Images/; bottom: Africa Studio/
North Country School Reflections—all photos courtesy of author

Photography Credits for Autumn 2016:
Autumn 2016 cover photo: sarra22/
Life and Play in the Garifuna Culture of Dangriga, Belize: photos courtesy of author
Children's Play in Icelandic Preschools: mharzl/
A Day in the Life of a Girl in Madurai, India: Ajayptp/
Big Book: Pages for Peace Kids Can Make a Difference: Stacey Billings Chilcoat
Relevant Learning for Indigenous Filipinos: Jasni/
Children’s Rights in Iran: NICOLA MESSANA PHOTOS/
Orchid Garden Nepal: Breaking the Cycle of Poverty: Zzvet/

Photography Credits for Summer 2016:
Summer 2016 cover photo: atipporn Soothiphan/
How Schools Libraries Act as Windows Into Children's Lives: in order, top to bottom: De Visu/; Daniel Jedzura/; wavebreakmedia/; Ronnachai Palas/
Literacy Unbound: A Program to Demonstrate That Literature Has No Boundaries: Africa Studio/ (top); others courtesy of author
A Learning Journey With Latino Immigrant Children: An American Low-Income Preschool Enhancement Project: wavebreakmedia/ (top), ZouZou/ (bottom)
Kids Saving the Rainforest: Michal Szymanski/ (top), filumx/ (bottom); other courtesy of author
Planting Pencils: Middle School Student Sows Seeds of Education: Charles Knowles/ (top); others courtesy of author
Community Preschool Teacher Training Among the Penan in Malaysia: Suriya99/ (top); others courtesy of author
Blog: Youth Participation: Lisa Kolbasa/

Photography Credits for Spring 2016:
Spring 2016 cover photo: Alohaflaminggo/
Creating a Culture of Literacy in Ethiopia: Max Greenstein/World Vision
Answering Big Questions Through Self-Organized Learning: Lucky Studio/ (top); others courtesy of author
A Student's Life: Reflections on Education in Turkey: thomas koch/; Hanife Tasdemir (in text)
Peacebuilding: The Voices of Children: wckiw/ (top); naluwan/ (in text)
Youth Leadership: Girls' Empowerment Camp: Gregory Johnston/ (top); Saigeetha Jambunathan (in text)
Seed of Hope Foundation: Sylvie Bouchard/ (top); Ivo ANGAFOR FORBA (in text)
Blog: Peace Education: Ulyana Khorunzha/

Photography Credits for Winter 2016:
Winter 2016 cover photo: Honey Cloverz/
Resilience: gary yim/
One More Generation: Jim Ries
Building Relationships With Roma Minority Parents: ELEPHOTOS/
Fathers to Fathers: Beto Pêgo / Promundo
Two Stories From Ralla Bella: Subha Mohapatra
Living Literacy: Monkey Business Images/
Environmental Education: Plan4theLand